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AICP Calgary strives to serve the community with weekly activities such as:


Weekly Lessons – Free admission برنامج دروس مركز أهل السنة الاسبوعي – كالجري

Lessons in Obligatory Knowledge Aqeedah & Fiqh (English & Arabic)

(403) 714-0033

* Friday Prayer صلاة الجمعةFridays at   12:45 PM
1.General LessonFridays at 7:00 PM
2.General LessonSaturdays at 7:00 PM
3.Sisters LessonWednesdays at 7:00 PM
4.Youth LessonFridays at 7:00 PM
* An-Noor Saturday School (Ages 5 & up Forest Lawn High School)Saturdays at 11 AM – 3 PM

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For info or Private Lessons Call: (403) 714-0033

1. Musalla Ahlus-Sunnah – AICP Calgary مصلى أهل السنة والجماعة – كالجريCall us for details.Spreading Islamic knowledge according to Qur’an, Alsunna, and Ijma^ of the four schools of Ahlus-Sunnah.أمانة في نشر العلم المستقى من كتاب الله وسنة نبيه واجماع العلماء من أئمة المذاهب الأربعة
2. Islamic School: An-Noor Learning Center – Calgary مدرسة النور الثقافية – فرع: كالجريAddress: Ernest Morrow Junior High 1212 47 st SE, Calgary AB T2A 1R3 Telephone: (403) 605-6276 E-mail: annoor@live.caWebsite:
3. An-Noor Learning Center – Edmonton مدرسة النور الثقافية – فرع: أدمنتونAddress: To register, or for more information contact us
New Location! 10562 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 3B2

* To register, call: (587) 501-7944 a (587) 473-2363



AICP Services

1. Friday prayers;

This is a weekly event where we rent a community hall where members of the community gather every Friday at noon to observe the Friday prayer (Jomu’aa).


2. Friday evening youth sessions;

This is a weekly event where we rent a community hall to let the community youth gather so they can meet and greet and learn the Islamic preaching and faith, they are also given advice on moderation and integration into the Canadian society.


3. Saturday evening lessons;

This is a weekly event where we rent a location so the community members, kids, youth, adults, and elderly attend to learn the preaching of Islam.


4. Ramadan weekly iftars;

This is an annual event where the AICP during the month of Ramadan hosts weekly iftars (where families attend to break their fast at the sunset). We provide food, refreshments, and desserts for about 100 persons. This goes on throughout the month. For this event, we rent a hall every weekend during the whole month.


5. Celebration of Birth of Prophet Muhammad (Celebration of Mawlid);

This is an annual event where the Muslim community members come together to celebrate the love of the Prophet. We host numerous events, one for everyone to attend, and one for Ladies only, and one for Youths only. During these events, we rent a hall, and provide food and refreshments to hundreds of attendees who come together to learn about the occasion.


6. Celebration of the New Hijri year and return of Pilgrims;

This is an annual event where the Muslim community come together to observe the Islamic New Year and celebrate the return of the Muslim Pilgrims from Mekka.


7. Celebration of Israa’ and Mi’rajj;

This is a very dear and special event in the Islamic calendar where the Muslim community gathers to celebrate one of the greatest miracles of Prophet Muhammad. The community comes to learn more about it and celebrate its greatness.


8. Saturday school;

This school teaches kids the preaching if the Islamic faith as well as the Arabic language. The kids enjoy the different activities and subjects, such as crafts, Arabic (writing, reading and speaking).


9. Last but not least, The AICP assists the new Syrian refugees to find rental homes and settle in Canada. Our volunteers offer Syrian families translation/interpretation and transportation to medical appointments, shopping centers and other needed services such as bank visits and registries…etc. We also collect and deliver used clothes, Furniture, and household items donated by community members to families in need.


The above list mentions the main events the AICP perform which brings the community closer together by providing the necessities (like food and drink) to Calgarians who don’t have much. We, at the AICP, thrive to commit to the community and to give back.

To attend any of these free events, or to know more please contact us.

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