Toronto (Ontario)


Among the activities of the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects in Toronto:


  • Weekly Saturday school for teaching Quran and the Arabic language in addition to special classes for teaching THE PERSONAL OBLIGATORY KNOWLEDGE OF THE RELIGION

  • The weekly religious public lecture on Saturday

  • The Sunday lesson to protect the Muslim youth from the social corruption, and to teach them the matters of the religion

  • Friday congregational prayer

  • Celebration on the occasion of the annual commemoration of the birth of the Master of the Prophets, Mohammed, peace be upon him

  • The Islamic chanting group of A.I.C.P.: This is an outstanding team with excelling performance in presenting beautiful religious Madih and traditional Chanting

  • The annual celebration on the occasion of the Miracle of Israa & Mi^raaj

  • The programs of The Holy month of Ramadan which includes:

    • Break fast (Iftaar) collectively, to strengthen brotherhood and love between Muslims
    • Religious celebrations during this holy month
    • Lessons to teach reciting the holy Quran
    • Taraweeh Prayer
    • Celebrating and serving food on the occasion of the TWENTY SEVENTH EVE of this holy month
  • The Annual celebration on the occasion of the Prophet’s honorable HIJRAH

  • The Large annual collective camp in an atmosphere of brotherhood and love for the sake of Allah which includes:

    • Sport activities
    • Enjoyable morning and evening programs that benefit Muslims in their lives and in the here after
    • Serving food during the stay in the camp
    • Daily Islamic lessons from competent authorities

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