The Islamic Education Series – Book 5

Book Review by the University of Al-Azhar


Praise and thanks are due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. We ask Allah to raise the rank of our Master Muhammad, the last prophet and messenger, his Al, Companions and followers, and to protect his nation from whatever he feared for it.

After reviewing “The Islamic Education Series” (T.I.E.S.) we state that it achieves its objective. It contains studies of the belief, acts of worship, and Islamic manners to instill in the young people the ideals and values of Islam. Moreover, the Series has a captivating style and easy expressions along with exact statements.

We thank the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects and its Islamic Studies and Research Division for exerting efforts in preparing this curriculum. We ask Allah to make their work beneficial and blessed.

Dr. Abdul-Mahdiyy Abdul-Qadir

Hadith Teacher

Usulud-Din College

University of Al-‘Azhar

Dr. Safwat Mubarak

^Aqidah Teacher

Usulud-Din College

University of Al-‘Azhar

Signed and sealed April 30, 1997


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