Donation for a new Islamic center in Scarborough ON


For a new Islamic center

in Scarborough ON


The Association of Islamic Charitable Projects in Toronto is proud to announce its new purchase of the property at 2470 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough ON Canada.


We plan on converting it to an Islamic centre for Muslims to pray, learn Quran and Deen, hold Iftar, celebrate Eid, get married and much, much more.

Today we are shy of only $500,000 from closing the deal and we need to reach this goal by October 1st, 2011. We are now appealing to you to help us in this very noble endeavor.

This is not a lot of money! If 1000 people donate $500.00 we have reached our goal. If 500 people donate $1,000.00 we have reached our goal. If 2500 people donate $200.00 we have reached our goal. If 2000 people donate…well you get the picture.

Once our master ^Umar gave half of his wealth as charity, and our master Abu-Bakr AsSiddiq gave all of his wealth. The Prophet had asked him, “What did you leave for your family”. Abu-Bakr replied, “Allah and his Prophet”.


We are not asking for much today. If everyone gives just a few hundred dollars we will have reached our goal. But we need everyone to participate for this to be successful. That means we need your help.

If you feel buying a centre for the Muslims in Toronto is very important, just as we do, than please help us with your donations in this very important goal.


It is very easy to donate, simply click on the donate button below.


Your Help Is Needed




For a new Islamic Centre in Scarborough ON

Before October 1st


Your donation is Tax deductible.



* Some low rate fees are applied to your transferred amount by Paypal, please refer yourself to their website at for a detailed fees table.


or send your check to the following address :

2300 Lawrence Ave East
PO Box 80516
Scarborough ON M1P 2R0


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