Ramadan 1432


Monday August 1st 2011 – 1st Ramadan 1432H

Lundi 1er Août 2011 – 1er Ramadan 1432H


The Association of Islamic Charitable Projects is pleased to announce that the blessed month of Ramadan 1432H will begin on Monday 1st August 2011. On this occasion we wish all Muslims a good Ramadan. And we ask God to help us perform the prayers and fasting.

Fasting tables

Calgary – AB – Canada

Montréal – QC – Canada

Ottawa – ON – Canada

Vancouver – BC – Canada

Anaheim – CA – USA

Houston – TX – USA

Philadelphia – PA – USA

استمع لدعاء بمناسبة حلول شهر رمضان المبارك 


L’Association des Projets Charitables Islamique est heureuse de vous annoncer que le mois béni de Ramadan 1432H débutera ce lundi 1er août 2011. En cette occasion, nous souhaitons à tous les musulmans un très bon mois de Ramadan. Et nous demandons à Dieu de nous aider à accomplir les veillées de prières et le jeûne.

[audio:|titles=سورة القدر]

^Idul-Fitr Announcement

إعلان عيد الفطر

Praise be to Allah and May Allah raise the rank of our master prophet Muhammad.
The Hilal of Shawal was sighted after the sunset on Monday, August 29th 2011 which corresponds to Ramadan 29th, 1432 Hijriyy. It is confirmed that Tuesday, August 30th, 2011 will be the 1st day of Shawal, 1432 Hijriyy. Accordingly, Tuesday is ^Idul-Fitr. We ask Allah to accept our deeds and grant us a high rank in Paradise.

The Association of Islamic Charitable Projects in Canada congratulates you and the Muslim Nation on the occasion of ^Idul-Fitr.

ثبتَ لدينا بالوجهِ الشرعيِّ أن الثلاثاء الثلاثينَ مِنْ شهرِ آبَ ألفينِ وأحدَ عَشَرَ، هو يومُ عيدِ الفِطرِ المباركِ، تقبّلَ اللهُ منا ومنكم صالحَ الأعمالِ.

كلُّ عامٍ وأنتم بخير.

AICP Montreal – Souper Ramadan 2011

جمعية المشاريع الخيرية الإسلامية في منتريال – إفطار رمضان 2011

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